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At Regenerative Medicine of Maine, we work to restore health and vibrancy to our patients using a variety of regenerative and functional medicine therapies. 

Our Specialities

Regenerative Medicine

Regenerate Healthy Tissue


Functional Medicine

Lasting Health Solutions- Naturally


Integrative Medicine

Healing ALL Of You

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What Is Function Medicine?

Functional Medicine focuses on “why” a person is unhealthy or struggling with a chronic health issue instead of trying to treat “what” they might have, in other words looking at the cause of the issue instead of focusing on the symptoms.

Every human body is biochemically unique and in order to help the body help itself we need to investigate the interplay between bodily systems to see where/why function may be lacking and creating disease.

The body is very intelligent and has the ability to to self regulate as long as the systems are in balance. When the systems are in balance the body can heal itself.

In order to find out “why” a persons body isn’t functioning properly we may perform an exam, do diagnostic testing, blood work, and various other testing to try to find the root cause.

The ultimate goal is to get the body in its best possible position to help itself.

We Specialize In

Stem Cell Services

Our stem cell procedures utilize a combination of stem cells and powerful Growth Factors that provide enormous healing and regenerative benefits.

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine focuses on “why” a person is unhealthy or struggling with a chronic health issue. 


Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine looks to address the a patient from many different angles to ensure a proper treatment plan for optimal results.

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