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“I noticed results as early as the next morning, my chronic pain was GONE, had completely disappeared. A few days go by and I begin walking by myself again, without any support of a cane. ”

Gynell S.

Why Wait to Restore Your Health?

Our patients have a multitude of questions when beginning their regenerative medicine journey. We’ve taken our most frequent ones and answered them!  

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What do stem cells do?

Stem cells do three basic things:

  1. They seek out and decrease inflammation
  2. They regenerate tissue
  3. They modulate your immune system.

Stem cells will go where they need to go and begin repairing and regenerating. They ignite your body’s our self-healing mechanisms and wherever there are signals of inflammation and degeneration, go there and begin healing, just like your body does naturally. This is completely different from medications that mask the inflammation and pain, actually causing your condition to worsen.

What kind of stem cells do you use and where do they come from?

We use human umbilical cord-derived stem cells that come from healthy umbilical cords donated by healthy mothers and babies that choose not to save their cord blood for their own use. Our stem cells are carefully collected from thoroughly screened full-term umbilical cord tissue. They are minimally processed to preserve what’s valuable. Then they are cryogenically frozen in an FDA-registered lab. We adhere to the highest standards for handling by storing the stem cells in cryotanks in our office so that when it’s time for a patient to receive them, we ensure optimal vivacity of our product.

Can the cells be rejected or can I have a reaction?

In the decades that stem cells have been implemented, there has never been one case of rejection. That’s pretty impressive! The reason is that these cells are undifferentiated; this which means they do not contain HLA (Human leukocyte antigen which is used to match patients and donors) which means your body will not reject them. There is no debris like there is in placental or amniotic cells that could cause reactions – another reason why we use umbilical stem cells. The worst thing that could happen to you is some stiffness in the joint from the healing process or possible redness around the injection site. This is just your body’s natural healing process hard at work!

Is this covered by insurance?

Unfortunately, most insurance companies have chosen to not cover stem cells at this time. However, the cost of our stem cell procedure is typically less than most deductibles. So, rather than spend a deductible for surgery or other invasive procedures that have a low success rate, this is the way to go.