Stem Cells & The Body

Types of Stem Cells & How They Support the Body

Stem cells are incredibly diverse and serve multiple purposes in the human body. An important part of knowing how they work is understanding that there are different types of stem cells, each with different origins and purposes. Here are the four types of stem cells and how they heal the human body:

Embryonic. These stem cells can form almost any cell type that makes up your body, from muscle to blood. These cells are derived from embryos at the developmental stage and are self-renewing, which means they make copies of themselves.

Tissue-specific. These stem cells provide very specific and specialized cells depending on where they come from. If the cells are from a specific organ, they can generate different cell types for that organ. According to the International Society for Stem Cell Research, “[t]issue-specific stem cells can be difficult to find in the human body, and they don’t seem to self-renew in culture as easily as embryonic stem cells do.”

Mesenchymal. Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are the type of stem cells we use here at the Regenerative Medicine of Maine. These are the regenerative cells of the body that help comprise your blood vessels and tissues. Trauma or injury resulting in inflammation helps activate these stem cells. At Regenerative Medicine of Maine, we use MSCs from donated umbilical cords for our stem cell therapy.

Induced Pluripotent. According to the University of California at Los Angeles, induced pluripotent stem cells “are derived from skin or blood cells that have been reprogrammed back into an embryonic-like pluripotent state that enables the development of an unlimited source of any type of human cell needed for therapeutic purposes. For example, iPSC can be prodded into becoming beta islet cells to treat diabetes, blood cells to create new blood free of cancer cells for a leukemia patient, or neurons to treat neurological disorders.”

These four types of stem cells have great potential for medical purposes and we’re learning new things about them every day. If you would like to learn more about the four types of stem cells and stem cell therapy, consider attending one of Regenerative Medicine of Maine’s presentations by Dr. Gerald Graves, DC.

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